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Why choose Solid Furniture’s from Woodpentry?

Posted by Woodpentry 11/10/2017 0 Comment(s)

Few furniture choices are more beautiful, classy, and distinct than antique furniture’s. Apart from producing Contemporary, Modern & customised style of furniture’s, Woodpentry is also involved in the manufacturing of Antique reproductions.

Whether you’re looking for a specific style of antique dresser, a wardrobe, armoire, bed, or other specific piece, antique furniture’s are a great choice for many reasons.



While the looks of an antique are tough to beat, antique reproductions at Woodpentry are built of top-notch craftsmanship and materials.

Since many antiques were built by hand before technological advances made mass-producing furniture a regular practice, most antique reproductions at Woodpentry are also of a quality that is hard to find outside of furniture built by custom furniture manufacturers.

The cost of custom-built furniture is a bit more expensive then standardised mass production, but with age it potentially decreases in your total cost of ownership. Solid wood furniture’s are weather resistant, long lasting, it’s almost maintenance free and made from renewable resources and in return giving your purchase a clean conscience.

Woodpentry designs, manufactures, markets and deliver the furniture using our own dedicated teams it cuts out the need for wholesalers and expensive middlemen. This methodology keeps our costs down meaning more cash in your pocket. Every step of the way, costs are kept to a minimum so we can say with confidence that the prices we offer are incredibly good value for money.



Another reason many homeowners choose antique reproductions is the closeness to the originality of so many pieces. As society changes, so does our furniture needs, and it’s always fun to have a piece of bedroom furniture that hearkens back to an earlier time.

Vanities, for example, are rarely used to put on make-up and prepare for a night on the town anymore, but they are beautiful additions to any bedroom and can double as a convenient desk for sitting down to jot notes or letters. And while commode chests and washstands have been replaced by the bathroom sink in function, they still provide good storage in a bedroom, and carry with them that added attraction of times gone by.



Of course, there are homeowners who like the classic look if their furniture’s and there are people also who are sceptical about the same. But, truth be told antique reproductions are so popular that there is an entire industry of furniture makers who specialize in recreating antique designs with new materials. The quality of craftmanship involved in antique reproductions ensure that almost all antique style furniture’s being built today rivals its predecessors in hand crafted-quality.

If you are interested in antique style furniture’s talk to us or contact us about procuring individual pieces or sets or custom furniture’s of your design and choice, available in a wide variety of woods and finishes.