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Teak Furniture Will last you for a lifetime

Posted by Woodpentry 11/10/2017 0 Comment(s)



Teak is an undisputed first choice for making furniture’s and doors, Teak has come a long way from being a practical choice to a lifestyle statement. Its prices are a bit on the higher side and coupled with the fact that it’s maturity time varies between 50-70 years, purchasing it is easier said than done.



Teak is tough, long-lasting and pest resistant. Also, it is costlier than Sheesham due to toughness and long-lasting ability. Widely used in outdoors, boat building, boat decks, etc.


Teak furniture is one of the most attractive, it is also weather resistant. On top of that, it’s almost maintenance free and made from a renewable resource, making it not only a cost-effective solution to your furniture needs, but also a purchase you can make with a clean conscience.


Look at one of our constructions with the African teak, the pictures below depict a customised vanity dresser and sofa set, for one of our clients. The beauty is all in the wood, as you can see in the picture the wood and the furniture is not even near completion and yet it looks so beautiful.




Teak has been regarded as a wood for its durability and longevity. In fact, in the eighteenth century, it was almost exclusively used on seagoing vessels as decks and railings, specifically because of its resistance to weather and water damage.



With a history like that, it’s easy to see why this tropical wood is generally regarded as one of the premier materials for building outdoor furniture, be it loungers, deck chairs, tables, or benches. In fact, it has been known to last for a hundred years and running, truly making teak furniture the last furniture you will ever need to buy.




The properties that make teak such a well-suited material is first, it’s high in natural oils, making it naturally resistant to termites, rain, snow, and other damaging weather. Second, it has an exceptionally tight grain that resists splintering. Both qualities have served to make it a perfectly suited material for the construction of quality furniture.




Perhaps the greatest draw of this proven wood / outdoor furniture is the maintenance required to keep it functional: NONE.




If you’re concerned about wood furniture and its effects on the environment, teak is an environmentally friendly product if you go with the right supplier. Many nations supply it carefully and regulate the harvesting of these trees on plantations to ensure that this valuable natural resource isn’t squandered.


Sustainability is very important to Woodpentry. When we remodel your Kitchen, Living Room, Bathroom or Bedroom, we ensure that the wood that is used to make your Cabinets, Beds, Chairs, and more have been harvested sustainably.


Woopentry is proud to have partnered with suppliers and vendors engaged in Responsible Forest Management, who source timbers that are FSC and PEFSC certified.





Teak is a little more expensive than other furniture materials, but for good reason. Keep in mind that the teak furniture you purchase is likely to be the last you will have to buy in your lifetime. Compare that to Sheesham, Mango, or Rubber Wood that you must replace every few years and suddenly the high initial cost doesn’t seem so unreasonable.


In fact, if you add it up, you’ll most likely save money by spending a little more at the get go. If you’re looking for quality furniture, teak is without a doubt head and tails above the rest.